Smart Look Up Version 13

Convert word form (uncheck → recheck to set current as original form) or


Input a Japanese or English or Vietnamese word to look up. For Japanese word, you must input its dictionary form, e.g. 同意 instead of 同意する or 同意して, 安全 instead of 安全な, 立つ instead of 立ち.
Use convert checkbox or SMART CONVERT to convert words to its dictionary form, e.g. 取りつけ to 取り付ける, 追いぬ to 追い抜く, 立たない or 立ち to 立つ, 飲みます or 飲んで to 飲む, etc.
You can also convert Japanese in romaji like 'wagamama' to hiragana or katakana. SMART CONVERT: wagamama→わがまま, convert checkbox: wagamama→わがまま→ワガママ